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One of Bahrain's most beloved restaurants, located in the heart of Adliya, Haus has welcomed guests to enjoy its cuisine, warm hospitality, and unparalleled service since 2018.

Haus Restaurant curates a driven menu with an emphasis on bringing together Italian and Japanese cuisines, cultures, techniques, and passion to create that perfect fusion that we affectionately refer to as Itameshi.

Our lounge offers unique and succulent spirits and highlights a rotating selection of natural wines and craft cocktails.

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Itameshi: The Meeting Point Between Italian and Japanese Cuisines.

Meaning "Italian food" in Japanese, Itameshi combines Italian and Japanese preparations and flavors. They have so much in common, from the respect of ingredients doing the talking to using the very best to craft dishes that make memories. It's about the way it's made, its history, and the ingredients. The merging of Italian and Japanese cuisines, cultures, techniques, and passion to create that perfect fusion.

We at Haus are the first in the GCC to provide this unique experience. Introducing you to dishes that run the gamut of Japanese-Italian fusion, which we affectionately refer to as Itameshi cuisine.



Cocktails have an unwavering, timeless style. So become a purveyor of fine drinking and enjoy Haus' collection of classic and contemporary drinks and cocktails.

Come meet our bespoke bartenders and have them stir up some genuinely exquisite flavors using premium spirits and authentic ingredients and relish the night away. Serving everything from exquisite wines and Japanese whiskey to bespoke cocktails, its stand-out drinks include the Six Senses and the Ladies Agreement, with the tastes of the countryside, crafted with grappa and choya, and touches of lychee, white grape, lemongrass and yuzu, and ginger, for a citrusy complexity.



Haus Lounge, the heart of international nightlife, positioned in the soul of Adliya in Block 338, serving you high-end entertainment with style, sophistication, and glamour since opening in 2018. Featuring an Itameshi lounge menu and an extended bar, complete with an outdoor terrace and an indoor lounge. If you need a late-night snack, dinner is served until midnight on Fridays & Saturdays.


DJ Oscar

Oscar Sharm creates a new perception of music blended with elements of traditional Arabic music and other music cultures on the electronic infrastructure built by Oscar Sharm.

Aiming for an intercontinental journey, Oscar believes in the universal language of music. He aspires to bring listeners from different cultures together under one roof.

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